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February 10 2014.

Seaford Town Council recently threatened Haven News with ‘legal action’ if it refused to delete a number of letters posted on the website.

Seaford Town Council claimed that the letters contained ‘defamatory’ comments about members of staff and that the Council had a ‘Duty of Care to protect our employees from these unproven statements.’

Haven News replied that the statements were simply points of view and fair comment, all of which Seaford Town Council, or anyone else, had the right to reply to. Haven News also pointed out that Seaford voters may well consider that there were better ways for the Council to spend its time and money than in a legal battle with Haven News.

Duty of Care
‘Duty of Care’ is all very well, but it is a tool that also needs to be used with care.

Seaford Town Council needs to consider its ‘Duty of Care’, not just to a select few current employees and Councillors, but also to past employees and Councillors who claim to have been harmed or abused by other employees or representatives.

Seaford Town Council also needs to consider its ‘Duty of Care’ to newly elected Councillors who required guidance and advice on their duties and the workings of the Council, but instead claim to have attracted criticism, abuse and obstruction.

Seaford Town Council also needs to consider its ‘Duty of Care’, to the rate payers, voters and in fact every single resident of Seaford, who Seaford Town Council is meant to serve and represent. Some seem to have forgotten that the Councillors and the Council staff are the servants of the people of Seaford, NOT the other way round.

Seaford Town Council also needs to consider its ‘Duty of Care’ to the good name of, yes, Seaford Town Council. Today’s Council Meeting, (which was at 10.00am and not this evening as we reported earlier), along with tomorrow’s Council meeting may well be the first steps towards regaining some credibility.

Clearly the vast majority of Seaford Town Councillors got involved because they wanted to work for the good of Seaford and the people of Seaford. Unfortunately, this majority appear to have been overshadowed by a small number who have given a very good impression of being involved primarily for their own glorification. These people either have to change or get out.

Fair comment? 
Well if Seaford Town Council, and that means the real, complete Seaford Town Council, thinks not, then let it take Haven News to court.

Which brings us back to the original accusations of bullying.

If Seaford Town Council does want to take Haven News to court, then of course it will also need to take the likes of Facebook and Twitter to court as well. 

Will that be good value for money for Seaford rate payers?