January 20 2014.

Next week East Sussex County Council (ESCC) will decide on a formal proposal to keep the Seaford Waste Recycling facility open for three days a week.

The Cabinet Committee of ESCC is to meet on Tuesday the 28th of January when it will consider that the site should remain open from Friday to Sunday each week, rather than close completely as was originally proposed.

Cllr. Rob Blackman, Deputy Leader of LDC said: "With the huge savings that ESCC have to make, this is the best deal we are going to get. It won't please everyone, but we have to be mindful of the massive task facing the County Council and the recent report which found no operational reasons for keeping the tip open. Most people use the tip at weekends and securing its opening over the weekend was our chief concern."

Cllr. Paul Franklin, Leader of STC and Lead Member at LDC for Waste and Recycling said: "We will now put our heads together to look at the feasibility of household green waste collection."

Cllr. Sam Adeniji, who lead the petition to keep the tip open said: "A reduced service is better than no service and it's great to see that ESCC has listened to the strength of feeling that existed in the town."

Pictured here left to right: Cllr. Sam Adeniji, Seaford Town & District Councillor, Cllr. Paul Franklin, Leader of Seaford Town Council, Cllr. Rob Blackman, Deputy Leader of Lewes District Council, Cllr. Keith Glazier, Leader of East Sussex County Council
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