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December 13 2013.

Lewes District Council last night passed a revised housing plan from Barrett Homes for the much delayed and controversial Eastside development, despite multiple strong objections from Newhaven Town Council. 
The Town Council objected to the lack of play space in the development, which they claim does not meet national standards, the layout of the site, the height of the houses facing the nature reserve and the wishes of the developers to retain ownership of the roads and amenity areas.

A number of Town Councillors were also said to be 'surprised and disappointed' that one of their number abstained from last night's vote, despite his earlier support of the Council's objections.

Today, following this landmark decision, the most recent 'news' on the Regenerating Eastside website at is dated the 7th of September 2011.

As it now stands, Barratt can start building the houses, even though the funding for the disputed play areas was largely expected to be met by ASDA, the supermarket company that has failed to deny the growing rumours that it is trying to pull out of its agreement to build a supermarket as a central part of the Eastside development.

So - Does this mean that Newhaven now gets an additional 190 houses without any play areas whatsoever, let alone play areas below national standards? And again - what about the educational and health service plans for the extra 500 or so new residents? And the supermarket...?

Maybe it's not just the turkey being stuffed this Christmas....

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