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December 12 2013.


Perhaps it is time for NPP to come clean about why they are so keen to retain control of West Beach?

I was told by an employer of theirs that NPP intend to develop the area into a large dry dock for the removal of barnacles from ships. They do not care about the safety of Newhaven residents - This is just an excuse from the real reason. They only care about the commercial gain they can obtain from West Beach.

I was informed about this when I contacted NPP offices regarding the scrap metal company loading all night. I believe loading scrap metal will be insignificant compared to the removal of barnacles all night, which could happen if another 24hr working license is approved for this dry dock, as it was for the loading of scrap.

So come on NPP come clean and be honest, just for once.

Peter Isted
Concerned resident of Newhaven

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