December 2 2013.

The Seaford Community Partnership is a voluntary body working with local clubs, businesses, councils and other groups who want to make Seaford a better place to live, work and enjoy life.

It is now asking the people of greater-Seaford to help it set its future efforts into priority order, and to add their own thoughts about the town's future.

This is being done with a questionnaire entitled "Why Should You Be Bothered?" This has gone in Seaford Scene, on local websites and on line as a surveymonkey questionnaire.

Responses, to be in by Christmas Eve, can be left at Seaford Morrisons, or the Tourist Information Centre. The website for online responses is https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/KMXGN9G  

Questions range over health, transport, seafront improvements, sports facilities, social and cultural benefits, and town centre improvements. The mystery topic is the one respondents to the questions wish to add themselves.

What has the Partnership achieved for Seaford to date? It has designed and part-funded the Seafront Exercise Path and Town Heritage Trail. Both of their leaflets can be picked up from the Tourist Centre in Church Street.

It set up the Town's Youth Forum, and their biggest achievement has been to raise the funds for building the Green Gym on the Salts.

The Partnership's Seafront Exhibition last year attracted 800 visitors to the Crypt. Its feedback is informing Council and voluntary plans for Seaford's unique promenade and beach.

It also designed and set up the beach garden on the seafront near West View.

In the new year, as a result of the questionnaire's findings, the Partnership will re-launch its efforts for the town. It also intends to involve many more of the 180+ clubs and organisations it has identified in Seaford!

Seaford Community Partnership Quick Profile:

What have we done so far?
• Designed and Part-funded the Seafront Exercise Path and the Town Heritage Trail.

• Set up the Youth Forum and helped it raise the funding for the Green Gym on The

• Held the Seafront Exhibition and Consultation last year when 800 of you – of all ages
told us what changes you’d like to see on the Seafront.

• Designed and set up the Seafront Beach Garden by West View.

• AND now we’re working on these Seafront improvements, and on ways to bring
more shoppers, more shops, more jobs, and more life into the town centre.

What can you tell us about what else you’d like done? Please complete our
questionnaire and give us your ideas for:

A. Health improvements e.g. minor casualty unit, consultant clinics.

B. Transport improvements e.g. regular bus to DGH, seafront service, safe-cycle-routesto-
schools, cycle paths, crossings.

C. More seafront improvements e.g. more toilets, better access to sea, play areas, more
shelters, Splash Point groyne more like a pier, indoor refreshments, entertainment
area for bands and singers.

D. Sports improvements e.g. skate park in north Seaford, public petanque pitch.

E. Social improvements e.g. an on-line facility listing all clubs, societies, current events
and urgent transport problems, to ease all our lives.

F. Town centre improvements e.g. signage, seats, trees, pedestrian areas.

G. Your priority idea: anything else you have wished for, for Seaford.

Please tell us on the questionnaire or on line.

We can take your views to the decision-makers for you!

Click on image below to enlarge or save and paste into a Word document to print out and complete or complete online at:  https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/KMXGN9G  

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