November 27 2013


We were told at the planning committee meeting 18 months ago that this site could 'go ahead tomorrow' if given the go ahead. Ironically, the most major work that has taken place on Eastside since then is the remedial works to the collapsing quayside on the site of the other application.

The worry for the Avalon (ASDA) site, is that the whole application depended on the supermarket to finance the project and it was ASDA that was stumping up much of the hundreds of thousands of pounds in 106 money to provide better community facilities in the town.

People who know me, know that I preferred the Arrowcroft (Port) scheme out of the two that were on the table back in 2012. Avalon was given the go ahead on the casting vote of the Tory chair of the District Planning Committee, who valued the housing provision over the rejuvenation opportunity the Arrowcroft scheme offered the port. This, despite the pressure it put on hard-pressed health services and schools in Newhaven.

I hope that this is not another failure to deliver for the town. I look forward to a more positive response from ASDA/Barratts/Avalon, to appease the doubters. As one amongst their number, I don't mind being proved wrong, I just want to know sooner, rather than later.

Maybe we should be seeing if Arrowcroft is willing to give Newhaven another chance?

Steve Saunders



When I last spoke to the developer the plan was this:-

1. Level up the site with additional fill.

2. Construct a "Haul Road" to the south end of the site. This is a temporary road to provide access for vehicles to construct the supermarket.

3. Start construction of the supermarket and the 1st phase of the proper road.

4. Allow Barratt to start construction of its part of the build.

As yet, the detailed plans for the Barratt homes have not had final approval from LDC. NTC raised a number of concerns with those, that we would like to see taken into account before approval is given.

So far, steps 1 and 2 are the only ones that can be, (and are being), undertaken at this time. There is nothing for Asda to comment on as the haul road is not yet completed.

However, since the point has been raised, (again), I will try to get an assurance from the developer that all is going to plan.

Cllr Rod Main

P.S. The developer has got back to me and explained the situation vis-a-vis the road.

Because the weather has been so wet it has slowed them down, so rather than put in the temporary Haul Road, they are concentrating on building the proper road for the site instead. This will also be part of the port access road.

I recently had conversations with some French friends who had been speaking to their contacts in the Conseil Générale de Seine Maritime. It seems that CGSM was under the impression that East Sussex wanted it to build the bridge over the creek and railway and, as they don’t have money for that, they were not interested in the new access road. However, ESCC had put money aside for that purpose. Once it was pointed out to CGSM that it would be ESCC completing the access road, they became much more interested in the possibilities. CGSM might yet manage to work with ESCC for the future of Newhaven and its port. That can only be a good thing.



Makes you feel angry.

So many people wanted the Arrowcroft vision for the harbour.

All Eastside wanted to do was build Barratt homes.

And still the quayside is deteriorating.

Veronica Drake



Surely not!

I can’t believe LDC and your friend and mine, (you know who), have forced the wrong scheme on Newhaven and for what?

Oh yeah: A road that no-one wanted or needed.

Anyone want some Topsoil?

Just thought we could pile it against the s***burner to make it look like the original drawings!

Gary Middleton



Surprise. Surprise!

So the planners should have gone with the Tesco plan on the quayside shouldn’t they.

Not only would we have got an ‘In Town’ supermarket, we would have got the quayside tidied up as well .

Didn’t think it through did they.

As usual!

Mr Grumpy.

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