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November 26 2013.

Uncertainty hangs over the future of the ASDA/Barratt Homes Eastside development at Newhaven, with ASDA noncommittal about the project, no information on the development on the Barratt Homes website and the most recent news on the development website at website dated September the 7th 2011.

With very little progess apparent on the site for the past 18 months, apart from the spasmodic arrival and movement of mountains of infill, Haven News contacted ASDA asking for an update on the latest plans and schedule.

ASDA eventually replied, and that reply, in full, reads: "Thanks for the email – we have no comment to make at this time."

"We have no comment to make at this time" could well mean, "Things are ticking along slowly and we will let you know if anything interesting happens sometime in the future, maybe." Or it could be interpreted as corporate speak for, "We are contracted but we are trying every which way to get out of or alter the terms of that contract."

So - after all the bold planning, claims, counter claims, public meetings, council meetings, hot air and promises, where are we and what have we got?

Without ASDA, would Barratt Homes still build 200 plus houses? We are waiting for a reply. If those houses are built, can the local schools and medical facilities cope? No, they can't. If they aren't built, what happens to the site?

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