November 26 2013.

Mail from Bob Brown:

Dear Haven News,

I am sorry to have to use your network to correct a story recently published in another media source, but feel I have no choice given the totally incorrect impression of the context in which I wrote to the Leader last week to criticise the policy of the Environment Agency over the maintenance of Seaford beach, and the seeming lack of effort by the present Seaford Town Council to liaise with them on a regular interval to encourage better maintenance of the beach.

Contrary to the report in the Leader I am NOT a Seaford Town Councillor, I stood down in May 2011 after eight years in that role. I made that clear in my PR to the Leader. There was also no "Annual General Meeting" of the Friends of Tidemills group where I was alleged to have made my comments: this was a a complete fiction as FOTM is an informal body and does not stage events of this kind.

Jim Skinner who is spokesman for FOTM has passed concerns to me over previous misleading reports by the Leader over issues involving the group, notably the responsibility for providing the new dog-waste bins at Tidemills. He has sent an email to the paper asking for these reports to be corrected and I hope an apology will be printed in a future edition of the Leader.

Regards and apologies for raising this issue.

Bob Brown
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