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November 25 2013.

Earlier this month Haven News covered the first Back To Running Course held by Titan Fitness in Newhaven. We asked one of the re-born runners to tell us the how, when and why of her Back to Running experience...

Running – Me? Never! Then I met Cliff Dargonne from Titan Fitness. He was starting a “Back to Running” ten week course in and around Newhaven. I couldn’t say no as Cliff was only asking for a donation of £2.00 a week from the runners involved, which was all being donated to  local children’s cancer charity “Remember Spencer”. This is a charity I set up in memory of my son, Spencer, who tragically died just before his 4th birthday. We now help other local children and their families by providing grants, in the hope we can put a smile on the children’s faces whilst they battle against childhood cancer.

So back to running - Well I completed the ten week course, having to endure a fine Haven mix of storms, hail and lightning.
Through Cliff's excellent coaching we made it - and guess what? I even enjoyed it and couldn’t wait to meet up for the session every week.

So please remember that anything is possible and a massive thank you to Cliff for giving up his time and believing in us.

Amanda Roberts

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For information the Remember Spencer charity visit: