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September 23 2013.

Next Monday, the 30th of September, the Downs Leisure Centre will be opening its doors to the seniors of Seaford and surrounding areas to go and have a look at what is on offer for the older person. This event forms part of the wider UK Older People's Day celebrations across the county.

The leisure centre offers regular classes specifically for the older person, but you can go along on Monday the 30th to have a look at the gym, watch badminton, have a go at Aerobics and get a free tea or coffee.

The morning opens at 10.00am, when you can watch the first half of the senior's aerobics class. There will be a complimentary tea or coffee at 10.30 when there will be an opportunity to talk to the seniors already using the classes and the gym. At 10.40 you can have a go at aerobics with a short taster class. Everyone is welcome to have a go at the class, but make sure you are wearing suitable trainers for exercising.

Between 11.00am and  noon, instructors will be available to show you around the gym which is perfect for those who have ever thought the gym is a scary place; and you can also observe the badminton sessions.

The morning is suitable for anyone of any ability. If you think you might not be fit enough, a lot of the current seniors weren't when they first started!

There is no need to book for the morning,  just turn up and have a look. Make sure you take a friend with you!

For more details call the leisure centre on 01323 490011.