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Sptember 16 2013

Jim Skinner reports:

The Friends of Tide Mills completed its September meeting yesterday at Tide Mills, where 17 of us managed to collect just eight sacks of rubbish. Tthis illustrates just how clear the area is at present and of course may it long continue!  As previously reported, over the last few meetings we have started to see a general reduction in litter which is testament to everybody who helps ensure this beautiful area remains so brilliant.

As part of this meeting we also undertook the annual litter survey under the Marine Conservation Society's "Adopt a Beach" initiative - an annual event which takes place all around our coast over this weekend. This year we recorded significantly less litter than last year, confirming our feeling that much less litter, for whatever reason, is now being deposited. We will say in our report to the MCS that, while our findings are promising, the fact that many of us are now taking more care of this fantastic site is probably the main reason why we are seeing this trend - Man clearly has not just suddenly stopped using the sea as a dustbin. This year we recorded around 65 items of litter over the 100 x 10 metre area we survey, and although a great improvement, still very sad and frustrating. Again the main items are commercial fishing related, particularly remnants of trawl net trimmings.

We are also very pleased to see the newly installed Dog Bin, very kindly paid for by the South Downs National Park Authority, the emptying of which (by LDC) is being very kindly paid for by the landowners, Newhaven Port and Properties. Several of our members also worked hard to conclude this initiative, brilliant.

We can never have enough members and are always very happy to welcome as many more as possible. If, like us, you appreciate just what a beautiful and special place Tide Mills is, please do join us.

Our next meeting is Sunday the 20th of October, for around two hours. We meet from 10 until 12, but any time you can spare is much appreciated. Please contact me for more details at  

Jim Skinner