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August 30 2013.

Norman Baker visited Newhaven Harbour yesterday as the first waste heat to power (WH2P) system, designed by Brighton-based company Heatcatcher Ltd., was prepared for its transportation north to the Thrislington lime plant near Durham.

Mr Baker applauded the decision to manufacture the Heatcatcher system with CTEC Ltd. in Newhaven, in what has become something of a success story for green business and industry on the south coast. CleanTech engineering specialists CTEC has recently re-established its operation in the Newhaven Harbour area as the result of a commitment by the Newhaven Port Authority to support high-value technical companies.

The project nears completion with a further boost anticipated for the region's green economy, the Coast to Capital Local Enterprise Partnership having recently announced a successful bid for investment from the government's Regional Growth Fund, to support innovation and environmental technologies. The same funding initiative in the north-east has in fact helped to support the £1.3million investment in the new WH2P system for the Thrislington plant, operated by the dolomitic lime producers, Steetley Dolomite Ltd.

Lime and cement manufacture is currently one of the most energy intensive and greenhouse gas emitting industrial processes in existence. The industry contributes roughly 5% of global man-made CO2 emissions, nearly three times the amount generated by air travel worldwide. The Heatcatcher system helps to offset this by recovering waste heat from the process and converting it back into low-carbon electrical power that is fed back into the plant's power supply, improving its overall electrical efficiency by a third.

Norman Baker said: "Heatcatcher is a great example of how innovation can be used to tackle climate change. The product that tthe company produce allows other industries to reduce their carbon footprint by significantly improving their electrical efficiency. It is really positive to see that Newhaven was chosen as the company's manufacturing base, utilising the experienced workforce that this town offers."

Darren Bryant, CEO of Heatcatcher Ltd., said: "It's very exciting to see the first Heatcatcher system built and off on its way to the north-east. Hopefully, this will be just one of a long line of triumphs for green business and industry in Sussex. It's great for companies like ours to be based in a region that is gaining recognition for its growing contribution to the UK's sustainability economy."

Pictured above: David Porter, Jim Mason and Norman Baker.