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August 22 2013

A short film with a positive message - 'Everybody's Different' - has been produced by local youngsters, Alice Lawrence and Kyle Woolven, (pictured above). 

Sponsored by the O2 Think Big scheme, Alice and Kyle filmed members of the Seaford Musical Theatre group as they took part in confidence-building workshops, and conducted short interviews with young people talking about how their differences could, or had, led to cases of bullying.

Director Alice, 12, who attends Tideway school said: "Our differences are what make us all special and we should be proud of them and kinder to each other. We hope that our film makes other young people feel good to be unique and happy to be themselves."

Producer Kyle, 14, a pupil at Peacehaven Community School, agrees with Alice. "I haven't been bullied for being different, but my older sister was and I remember how sad it made her and how it upset our whole family while my parents and the school tried to deal with it. She's now happy at college and loves the fact that there's no-one like her."

Copies of the short film will be distributed to local schools where Alice and Kyle hope it will be shown to start conversations about acceptance and respect for others.