August 17 2013.

The Newhaven Village Green Preservation Society Picnic at West Beach this afternoon attracted a strong, enthusiastic - and a brave few - at its gathering that also received support from as far afield as Australia, India and America.

Hundreds turned-up to show their support and voice their views visibly but peacefully to have the beach re-opened and returned to local residents for year-round access.

Despite the worst weather the town has seen in recent days, with a cold wind bellowing the "Knicker Bunting," many climbed the fence, or made their way through a gap in the railings to walk on the beach with their children or dogs, paddle, or even swim, where it was probably warmer than on the shore...
The atmosphere was light, peaceful and very family-orientated with many young children feeling Newhaven sand between their toes for the first time, and although none of the expected local TV media were here, the event received huge kudos globally, with messages of support from as far afield as America, Australia and India.

Continuing the family theme, several supporters donned fancy dress, including a mutiny of Pirates, some turned-up by boat and beached themselves in protest - and will most likely be there for a few more hours until the land-lubbers see-in high tide; and there was even a children's entertainer on the beach next to the breakwater.

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