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August 16 2013

Following the re-launch of Newhaven Market last Saturday, Market coordinator Gillian Smith gives Haven News an update:

The Saturday Market went well and the level of enthusiasm and co-operation shown between the traders and customers alike was great to see.

The general feedback from all involved was positive and left a sense that the twice weekly markets will continue to be well supported and are actually a vitally needed promotion for the town centre.

This week's Thursday Market was, as anticipated, smaller than the Saturday re-launch market, but still combined the regulars with new stalls such as the very popular and unique burger guys and a well-stocked stall of linens and textiles which will now include haberdashery etc. The town was noticeably more 'buzzy' and the ebb and flow of fresh visitors was good to see.

All shops in the town also advised us that they took more sales when the markets were on, which is exactly what we hoped for.

I am still trawling for new traders and hope to include a cheese man, regular bread and cakes stall and a fantastic Greek man with olives and other interesting Mediterranean foods.

News of the refreshed Newhaven Market is spreading fast within the market trader's community and we are receiving an increasing amount of enquiries. However, we are being selective on the stalls, trying to avoid 'junk' stalls in favour of interesting new ideas mixed with quality collectables and consumables.

I think it is vital that shoppers and visitors remember that the Saturday and Thursday markets are likely to be different to each other and will continue to develop in content and presentation.

We will be advertising more in places that are frequented by young families and we are keen to encourage any interest from teenagers or other younger people that have any interesting or innovative and enterprising ideas!

The important thing is for locals to continue to support the Market and we remain open to all constructive ideas and suggestions.

If you haven't been to the new market, please make a point of visiting soon.

Gillian Smith
Newhaven Market Coordinator

If you are interested in taking a stall at the new Newhaven Market, call Gillian on 01273 517544 or e-mail