August 7 2013.

Plans are progressing well for a West Beach Protest Picnic at lunchtime on Saturday August the 17th and with over 2000 people supporting the ongoing West Beach protest on Facebook it could turn into something of a major event.

Following the recent victory awarding the West Beach 'Village Green' status in the High Court, campaigners are pressing ahead with demands for Newhaven Port And Properties to repair the steps to the beach and grant full access for all.

Although the picnic is being promoted as being on the Village Green, meaning the beach, organiser Heather McLean is keen to keep the protest legal and safe. "Hopefully we'll be on the sandy beach, eating our picnics, but I am not advocating that anyone does anything illegal. If the way is blocked, then it's going to be in the carpark. And to be honest, for the sake of the children and disabled supporters, there will be a few of us in the car park anyway, " explains Heather.

"I am asking that all attendees bring their biggest knickers along, so we can make some bunting and flags to say Knickers to NPP," she added.

The protest is certain to attract councillors from all levels as well as NPP representatives. Norman Baker has also been invited to attend and if the weather holds out the organisers are hoping it turns into a good party atmosphere. Just like a VIllage Green in fact....

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Pictured above by Anne Yaman: The West Beach sizzling in the summer sun.

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