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July 11 2013.

With 'Stars In Their Eyes' style ITV Celebrity show 'Your Face Sounds Familiar' hitting television screens at the moment, potential 'Cher' 'Madonna' or 'Freddys' are being encouraged to audition for 'Stars At The Barn', the final 2013 fundraising show for the Seaford Musical Theatre Company.

Contestants will be able to perform as their favourite singer to an audience at the Barn Theatre, Seaford and the judging panel will be chaired by a performer from the last series of 'Stars In Their Eyes', Kevin Stokes, who appeared as Joe Cocker, and will be reprising his act at the final in November.
Anyone wishing to apply should email show organiser Paula Woolven at: for more details.

Pictured: Kevin Stokes as Joe Cocker appearing in 'Stars In Their Eyes'.