July 11 2013.

Fearless landlady Liz Gardner led 25 others in a charity bungee jump at the weekend at The Hope Inn in Newhaven to raise funds for Help for Heroes, when staff and customers of The Hope Inn took part in the 200ft dive in the car park.

The event was attended by several members of the local car enthusiasts, Coastal Car Scene, who brought their cars along to show the public and provided the soundtrack for the evening's entertainment, along with a couple of them joining in the jumping.
Crowds of up to 250 people came to watch the events and all enjoyed a fun evening and are already looking forward to next year's fundraiser.

Liz and Shem at The Hope Inn would like to thank all their staff, locals and friends who made the event a success.They are already planning a Tug-o-War, BBQ and Karaoke for charity in August.

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