July 5 2013.

Barry Lowden reports:

Many Freeview TV users are currently experiencing reception problems in the BN postcode area... that's Newhaven, Seaford as well as in and around the City itself.

Interference from the new 4G Mobile Network is known to cause problems for Freeview users - 4G are using the same frequency of 800MHz as Freeview TV.

Please call the following to complain... the more people complain, the sooner someone gets to fix the TV reception problem: -

BBC Transmitter & Reception Advice Service 03700 - 100 222

Digital UK 08456 - 50 50 50

At800 (Digital Mobile Spectrum Ltd) 0333 - 31 31 800

There is more information on the Internet at: -  or  

Of course, no one is admitting to be responsible for the problem... but many people in Newhaven and Seaford are getting very angry... more so during Wimbledon fortnight. 

Barry Lowden
Newhaven Valley resident.
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