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June 24 2013.

Rotary Club of Seaford reports:

A bit of a damp squib adequately describes the most recent Rotary Club of Seaford Car Boot, Craft and Produce Fair which was held on at Martello Fields on June the 16th.

Just a few hardy souls, (about 20 cars), turned out under leaden skies which were occasionally decorated by a weak sun that looked like one of those low-energy light bulbs.
OK, we had forgotten that it was Fathers' Day when we planned this event and that must have had an effect, but there's little doubt that the dismal weather, and the dismal forecasts, did for us again. We blame all these rocket tests...

In the end we were put out of our misery by a downpour just after midday and really it was quite amazing that we still managed to make around £440 on the day - thanks largely to generous donations and Geoff Lowles's success in selling off his fine plants for the benefit of Rotary charities.

So the day was not without its merits. The Lifeguards were their usual cheery and productive selves; there was a tremendous amount of fellowship exuded by our ever-optimistic Rotarians on the gate, parking and other duties. And the Musicman, our friend Chris Foster, returned to dazzle the punters with his lively repertoire. He even had them coming off the seafront to singalong, listen and even dance in the fields.
Undaunted, we are all geared up to try again on July the 14th, hoping the sun will finally do the business for us and encourage our vendors and punters.

It's hard to see how we could publicise the event better than we do. Maybe a new man at the (FUNd-raising) helm will bring us better luck. However we're confident that the people of Seaford are not losing their taste for these Boot, Craft & Produce Fairs.