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June 17 2013.

Local MP Norman Baker has launched his new website at which he hopes will be more user friendly and give visitors more information on local and national issues.

The new website has a number of new features such as a "meet the team" section, and a "national issues" section which will provide up to date responses from Norman to national campaigns, including at the moment ones such as the bees campaign, the Energy Bill, football governance and tax avoidance. The website also allows for visitors to comment on the press releases that Norman has issued.

The website has been launched in conjunction with the MP's new email address for constituents to contact him at although the MP stressed that the old email address at will remain active for some time.

Norman says: "I am pleased that the new website has already received positive feedback. I think it looks a lot crisper, and I hope that constituents find it user friendly. I wanted to also introduce visitors to my members of staff in a meet the team section, as the support they provide is invaluable to me.

"The ongoing development of the site will remain fluid, so I would be happy to hear back from constituents if they have any thoughts on the site, or wish to see it include any other features - subject to the limits of the software, I am more than happy to consider any ideas."