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June 12 2013

Police are reassuring parents and residents of Peacehaven and the surrounding areas that there has not been an attempted abduction of a child by two men in a white van.
Details of an incident have been widely circulated on social media and via text messages, causing considerable panic in the local area. However, it has been heavily misreported and no criminal offence has taken place.

Police were called on yesterday evening to a report that a nine-year-old boy had been touched on the arm as he walked to school in Peacehaven. However, following an in-depth interview with the youngster today, police are satisfied that this was an accident and no crime has been committed.

A police spokesperson said: "We would like to reassure members of the public that no offences have taken place and the little boy was not touched or approached in any way.

"It would appear that a van has driven past - without stopping - and a man inside the vehicle had his arm out of the window. This alarmed the youngster, who ran back to his mother.

"We would urge people to cease circulating this on social media as an attempted abduction as this is absolutely not the case and is causing unnecessary alarm."