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May 10 2013.

Want a free, healthy breakfast? Well call in at the Wellness Centre, 18 Church Street, Seaford, between 9.30am and 11.30am tomorrow, Saturday the 11th of May and mention Haven News, to claim your free, healthy breakfast.

A delicious, easy, convenient alternative breakfast is promised that is balanced and packed with nutrition and only 220 calories. And, it is claimed, you will feel the difference from day one.

A traditional breakfast often just consists of starchy carbohydrates like cereal and toast. This does not contain the nutrition your body needs and it ends up being stored as body fat, leaves you feeling low in energy and hungry, and is one of the biggest contributing factors in developing Type II Diabetes. A "fry up " is high protein, but also very high in bad saturated fat and unwanted calories.
Who do you know who might also benefit? Take them along too. 

You don't know unless you give it a go!