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May 3 2013.

Rod Main adds to the roadworks debate...

I am frequently amazed at how many "roadworks" I come across where there doesn't seem to be anything going on and not a person in sight, and yet we have to negotiate cones, bollards and diversions.

I'm staggered that in France new autoroutes seem to magic themselves into existance. But I'd have to agree with Kevin Gordon that the public aren't that daft. I think it's not so much that the public would be confused, but that some contractors probably can't be bothered to take things down and put things up again. You'd probably find that if they were required to do so, then their costs would go up, they'd charge that to the County Council and our taxes would go up, or some other service wouldn't get all its money.

I will be quite impressed if some of our new councillors can get pot holes fixed quicker. I heard a radio interview with winning candidates, (not in this area), promising just that. Go for it! Again, my suspicion is that there is a limited number of contractors in the area who can do this sort of thing and while the stretch of road outside somebody's front door may be appalling, getting the right priorities will still be the thing. A roads and B roads will still get done ahead of anywhere else, no matter how many people you throw at it. More contractors means more cost, so again, taxes will either go up or other services will be cut. It will be interesting to see how our new represntatives deal with this one.

Of course, ESCC is probably a "No Overall Control" county now. Does that make these things more, or less, likely to get done quickly?

Rod Main