May 3 2013.

Kevin Gorden writes again...

Wow, Haven News works fast!

After the SEAFORD ROADWORKS SAGA story was posted I was called by Alan Charnamuto from ESCC. He confirmed that the road will be open again later today. He maintains that the roadworks were the right length of time, but didn't explain why there were long periods of inactivity. He said that the road was too narrow for traffic lights to be put in - if that is the case isn't the road too narrow for a cycle lane? He says that the reason why the road could not be opened during periods of inactivity was that this would be 'confusing to the public.' -  I don't think that we, the public, are that daft! - He confirmed that there had been many complaints about these works.

Although I didn't agree with Alan's assessment of the situation, he was helpful and answered my questions clearly and sensibly. It was good that the Council do have staff who seem to know what they are doing and are happy to speak to the public.

I trust our new Councillors will carefully consider road-works in the future, to ensure that they are completed speedily and not at a pace dictated by the contractors.

Thank you Haven News!

Kevin Gordon

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