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April 22 2013.

After nearly tens years in the making, an interchange at Newhaven Town Train Station has been given the go ahead, in a move welcomed by Newhaven's MP Norman Baker, who has been campaigning for better integration between bus and rail at the station for many years.

The new interchange was approved on the 25th of March and will allow greater integration between rail and buses for visitors to the town, as well as residents of Newhaven who use the station. The interchange will include space for two bus stops, a taxi rank, as well as a "kiss and ride" section for motorists to drop off friends or family members and this will ease congestion in the area.

The £100,000 interchange is going to be funded from section 106 money, (money secured from planning gains), £58,000 of which has come from the approval of the Lidl site.

Norman said: "In order to meet our commitments to cut carbon emissions we need to encourage a modal shift to public transport and making it convenient is an important means to achieving this. This is also yet another piece of great news for Newhaven. The town is going to be the construction base for the Rampion windfarm, we have recently had confirmation that a University Technical College for the town has been given the go ahead and now the station is going to be improved with this interchange. Make no mistake, Newhaven is on the up."

District Cllr. Steve Saunders said: "The station has been crying out for this interchange, as access to buses and drop-off points for cars is currently very inadequate. I was chair of the planning committee at Newhaven Town Council when Lidl got the go ahea, so I am very pleased that the Section 106 money that was secured from that development is being used to fund this much needed improvement to the station."