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April 19 2013.

Steve Saunders airs his views on the latest Water Park developments...

I am very disappointed to hear of a local tradesman not having been paid for works carried out for the developers.
Round Table Entertainments was welcomed by the town's Chamber of Commerce last year and the members were encouraged to hear of the many opportunities that would result from the proposals. Since that presentation there has been little or no engagement with businesses, except for the debacle over the shop in the town, which was promised would open in the Spring, to consult with local people.
As a member of the Cross Party Working Group on Lewes District Council scrutinising the development, I remain non-committal about the scheme, but we only have the facts at hand to gauge our opinions and with a lack of news, the dismissal of the team heading up the consultation process and a programme well behind schedule, I can only say that you would not be surprised at my lack of confidence.
As I have previously said, the scheme offers many opportunities, but it comes with a great deal of problems to overcome. At present, all we have is £84000 in the Lewes District Council's bank, for the sale of the Recreation Ground, potentially a loss of eight hectares of recreational and amenity space for Newhaven, no plans on which to consult, and a hard-working tradesman with an unpaid invoice of over £400.
I hope that the new management company, Oldstone Consultants, comes forward soon and makes good on the various claims and promises. This may save the blushes of the investors and those of the District Council administration, who remain outwardly upbeat, but there are many residents and businesses who will be venting their anger, should things go wrong.

Steve Saunders
Town and District Cllr. Valley Ward, Newhaven