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April 4 2013.

Norman Baker will be joining the march in Seaford on April the 13th, protesting against the cuts to services at Eastbourne District General Hospital.

Norman said: "The NHS Trusts that should have been looking after the people of Seaford have let the town down time and time again in recent years. It's been one broken promise after another. As well as the disgraceful lack of facilities in the town, we are now also seeing the creation of a two-tier health service in East Sussex, with the amputation of key services from the Eastbourne DGH. The so-called temporary changes to maternity services are just the latest in a sorry line. Who has any confidence they will ever return?

"It is time for Seaford people, who have been polite, engaging and argued their case so well over the years, to realise that positive and mature engagement has sadly come to naught with the unresponsive NHS management in our area. I strongly support the idea of a march through the town and would encourage everyone to turn up and take part."