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March 28 2013,

Newhaven's MP Norman Baker has confirmed that the town will be the site of a new University Technical College (UTC) in what he has described as, "Brilliant news for Newhaven and an excellent opportunity for young people in the town and the surrounding area."

Today's announcement confirms that a CleanTech UTC has got the go ahead. The UTC will be based in Newhaven and will specialise in environmental and marine engineering, building on the announcement of the Rampion Windfarm and its assembly base in Newhaven.

As well as teaching the students the core National Curriculum, the UTC will provide 14 to 18 year olds with high quality training that will make them excellent prospective employees in the industry of green marine technology. The students will also benefit from compulsory extra-curricular activities, such as Water Sports, Scuba Diving, the Sea Cadets, Duke of Edinburgh Awards Schemes, and Environmental Action.

Today's announcement is part of a wider programme of UTCs being rolled out across the country which have been supported by the coalition government and promoted by the Baker Dearning Educational Trust whose Chairman, Lord Baker, lives in the constituency of Lewes.

Norman says: "Working with Lord Baker, the local authorities and I have been campaigning for Newhaven to get a UTC and I really could not be more pleased by today's excellent news. The UTC is going to provide excellent opportunities to young people in Newhaven and the wider Lewes constituency. Students at the UTC will get the opportunity to learn technical skills that will allow them to specialise in a growing industry and will really help with their job prospects after leaving the college.

"With the UTC and the new Rampion windfarm, for which the town will be an assembly based, Newhaven looks well on its way to being a green marine energy hub. In an industry that in my view will only grow in the future, this could really boost the long term local economy for the future."