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March 15 2013.

Art comes to Seaford in seven vibrant styles on 4 May 2013, when seven of the most talented artists in the area display their work in the Arts@theCrypt, art gallery.

Known as the 'Seaford Seven', their work ranges from local scenes to foreign vistas and abstract to animals: a heady cocktail of colourful, contemplative, thought-provoking images. This is art from the soul, bursting and blossoming from the rich perspectives of seven different lives that together enfold more than 400 years.

All members of Seaford Art Club, each of these artists draw from unique lifetime experiences.

Mike Harrison was the 'Hope' half of comedy duo Hope & Kean - painting was his solace between shows and rehearsals and continues today;

Rosemary Drysdale is an art devotee and connoisseur and is a lifelong painter: she currently teaches art to adults at the Sussex Downs College in Eastbourne;
Jeremy Sales draws from a long career in professional design: a former Chartered Designer and Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts, form and colour are his domain;
Mary Plant learned to paint in the intense heat and light of Africa and Oman before moving to England and retains her love of hot colours. A speaker of five languages she draws on her travels for artistic inspiration;
Bill Burchell spent his life in aviation, in PR, engineering and latterly writing as a technical journalist, but instead of painting in words he now paints in vivid tones;
Loraine Hopley produced artwork and designs for the Festival Of Britain in 1951 and has painted and designed ever since, inspired by the organic forms and colours that epitomise English scenery;
Jean Fletcher is life-long watercolourist who paints flowers with great touch and sensitivity - from English roses to Australian wattle.

Such diversity of experience, observation, imagination and ability makes for striking images. Add in the sculptural influences of the local chalk-cliff coastline, the exceptional coastal light and the smooth curves of the Sussex Downs and the images they inspire are unmissable. What else would you expect from creative personalities with a life-long passion for colourful expression?

The exhibition at Arts@theCrypt in Church Street, Seaford runs from Saturday 4th to 9th May 2013. Doors open between 10:30am and 4:30pm. Admission free.

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