March 13 2013.

No it's not a new local band - It's our old friend Mr Grumpy adding to the ever deepening pothole debate...

Hi Folks, Mr Grumpy Here.

Well, well. ESCC Highways are in the 'smelly stuff' yet again. Now there's a surprise.

For how many weeks, or even months, have I and many others been reporting all these POTHOLES?

A couple of weeks back ESCC Highways put up some signs on the A259 between Seaford and Newhaven announcing that they were going to repair the POTHOLES.

They even came and marked the POTHOLES with paint , so as not to miss them, I assume.

Well the day finally came and we had traffic chaos whilst ESCC Highways 'played about' with their Tonka Toys around the POTHOLES. 

What did we have to show for it at the end of the day? We had a couple of large patches of new tarmac and a few POTHOLES filled.

We had loads of POTHOLES left, still with their paint marks and still POTHOLES.

So if ESCC Highways can't get a simple job like that right, even when they have identified the POTHOLES with paint marks, how are they ever going to manage an even simpler task like GRITTING THE ROADS?!

And as you drive around East Sussex you find more and more, ever-growing POTHOLES.

So to come back to Rod Main's recent experience - Buy another 4x4 mate, 'cos there won't be any roads left soon. We will be back in the dark ages with just cart tracks to drive on.

Kind Regards and 'Mind the Potholes'

Mr Grumpy

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