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March 12 2013.

Whilst I think VAT savings on winter tyres is an interesting idea, gritting roads and repairing the potholes are more important.

The idea of hard-pressed motorists spending around £400 at least, (and that's without the VAT!), on extra tyres is a little far-fetched for most. I invested in some and agree they do help, but I am lucky enough to be able to afford them. The majority can't look at spending this sort of money on top of spiralling fuel costs for a week or two each year, especially as they are likely to be ruined every time they hit one of the myriad of potholes on our roads.

I suggest that making tyre companies produce all-weather tyres as standard would be a better solution to press the minister for, along with a better policy for attending to the essential road repairs that are now getting beyond a joke.

Steve Saunders