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March 12 2013.

Wonderful journey home last night. Around an hour to get from Piddinghoe, (where the traffic jam began), to my house near Tideway School. Normally I do this in a little over five minutes. I've heard from others of longer journeys than that.

Why you ask?

It seems clear that ESCC didn't grit our roads. We have been told all weekend by the weathermen, that snow is on it's way, but Highways obviously weren't watching the same TV channels....

I drove to Bath and back yesterday and faced the same problems on the A23 and M23, where WSCC seem to have been watching the same channels as our County Council bosses. Maybe they were worrying about the Potholes? I doubt it, but maybe I'm wrong. Still, they're going to have a few more to worry about after this latest period of cold weather. They should be quite good at fixing them by next winter!
By the way I have a grit bin that was kindly given to me by my employer. If anyone knows of a spot that needs one, let me know. I'll even offer to supply some salt to put in it.

Cllr Steve Saunders.