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March 8 2013.

Bill Sholl's mail headed: NEWHAVEN No. 1 POTHOLE DANGER ZONE has drawn a flurry of mail from other concerned residents and councillors. Have you got a pothole point? E-mail 

With reference to the East Sussex Conservative Councilors press release, all I can say is - Actions speak louder than words.
It doesn't take a rocket scientist to look at the Seaford Road out of Newhaven, to see that as many pot holes were missed, as repaired!

All those hours of delays for motorists and only half a job done.
Cllr Steve Saunders



Norman Baker tries 3rd County Election Deception
Cllr. Keith Glazier, Leader of the East Sussex Conservative Councillors has accused Lib Dem Transport Minister Norman baker of once again trying to deceive the electorate ahead of a County election, this time over wildly inaccurate comments on Highways maintenance.
Prior to the 2005 election Mr Baker accused the Conservative Administration of having a policy of deliberate bed blocking in local hospitals. This was investigated by the Audit Commission and found to be totally untrue.
Ahead of the 2009 election he claimed that there were serious irregularities in the County's annual accounts. An additional investigation by the County's auditors costing some £35,000 proved this to be a false accusation.

So, it's election time again and this year Mr Baker has slammed the East Sussex Administration for "their abject failure to maintain the road network in a proper state." Despite the most challenging winter conditions for nearly a century, the Conservative Administration has provided an extra £500,000 to fund 24 gangs (three times the norm) to repair potholes around the County. They have filled 7,000 already and are currently working flat out to complete this task.
In addition to repairs, The County is spending £20m this year to remake roads as part of a £70m programme to give East Sussex some of the best roads in the country. It seems that Mr Baker does not wish to let the facts get in the way of another election deception!


You are quite right Bill.

It is important for people to report these potholes though and not assume that ESCC already know.

You can report them at:  

After several requests I'm pleased that Gibbon Road will be resurfaced - Not till April, but least its now earmarked planned for Tuesday April 2nd to Thursday April 4th from 7.00am to 5.00pm. The road will be closed to westbound traffic, with a signed diversion route and a one-way system in operation for eastbound traffic. On Friday 5th April the road will be completely closed with a signed diversion route for both westbound and eastbound traffic. The westbound and eastbound diversion routes will be via Fort Road, Hillside, Bay Vue Road, Western Road, First Avenue and Northdown Road.

Cllr Carla Butler


Potholes are still a major issue everywhere around here.

If you want to make sure ESCC know about them, do go to their website: About halfway down on the left hand side click on "Roads, paths and verges" under "Report". You can pinpoint the location on a map. At least they cannot then deny knowing about them then.

Will go and inspect the one I reported on the 19th to see if it has been dealt with yet.

The non-working street light and missing drain cover in the lower precinct reported on the 19th and 20th have still not been repaired...

Cllr Judith Ost


Bill Sholl should stay away from High & Over Hill - The hairpin bend at the bottom of the Alfriston side is lethal in both directions. Any two wheel rider will be hard put to stay upright - even cars are losing grip in the 'ploughed field' on the bend.

I have reported the condition and noted with interest that there are already five other reports for the same problem.

Perhaps we should all put in a report so they get the message!