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March 5 2013.

Bill Sholl writes:

Is it me or is the Newhaven area rapidly becoming the No. 1 area for potholed roads? I took my motorcycle out for the first time after a winter lay-up and seriously wish I hadn't!

The roads in the area are terrible! How long will it be before someone damages their car or, (heaven forbid), something worse happens. "Rapid swerve avoidance at night" due to deep potholes is not my favourite pastime.

Have a look at the ESCC website and it states: "If the pothole is dangerous, we will make it safe within two hours and fix it within 5 days. Less urgent potholes will be fixed as soon as we have a crew working in the area. This is usually within a week."  I dont think so! I can pinpoint several deep potholes on the roads near Newhaven that haven't been touched for over a week!

Perhaps ESCC would like a few bills for damaged suspension/motorcycle forks etc., or will they wait until someone is seriously injured or killed? 

Bill Sholl