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February 20 2013.

Round Table Entertainments has now added Haven News to it's media contact list. This is its most recent release which we publish verbatim. If you have a comment, please email

Round Table Entertainments (RTE), the developer for the proposed Newhaven Waterpark, is pleased to announce details of its programme of public consultation in 2013 for the project. Dr Al-Humaidi, Round Table Entertainments' CEO said: 'Our aim for the Newhaven Waterpark project is to create a sustainable business offering jobs and opportunities in Newhaven. We are investing £350m to build the world's largest indoor water park and create over 3,000 sustainable jobs in the local area. It is important that the public are given the opportunity to hear about our plans and to contribute their ideas. We aim to show them that this project will have a transformational effect on their town's economy and will kick-start its regeneration. This is why we are going to unprecedented lengths to consult with them and ask them for their views over a full six month period'
Spring 2013 - RTE opens its Consultation Centre in Central Newhaven
-The project master plan, graphics showing the completed Waterpark and details of all the consultants and designers involved in the development will be on display at the Centre. It will be open for the full 6 months of public consultation enabling the local community to see the latest designs, talk to a company representative and to comment on the scheme. Monthly meetings will be held in the Centre on specific aspects of the project with RTE's specialist consultant team answering the public's questions.

- In order to fully inform the local community about the project during the consultation period, RTE will be holding six open public meetings in Newhaven on certain critical elements of the scheme. Discussion topics and timings are yet to be finalised, although it is likely they will include the following:

- Local Employment generated by the scheme

- Environmental impact

-Working with Local Businesses

- Waterpark operations (once it opens, opening hours and discounts for Newhaven residents)

- Transport

The subject of the sixth meeting will be confirmed during the consultation process.

Autumn 2013 - The outline planning application for the waterpark scheme will be lodged.
- This will take place after the completion of the open public meetings and will mark the end of 6 months of public consultation on the scheme. If approved, a detailed application or applications will follow in 2014.
Winter 2013 - Publicity

- RTE will ensure that the local community is kept fully informed on the progress of the planning application.
Future of Lewes Road recreation ground

RTE also confirms that the Lewes Road recreation ground does not form part of its scheme and will remain a free to use local amenity for the next 8 years. Dr Al-Humaidi, Round Table Entertainment's CEO stated: 'We will carry out works to improve the recreation ground as it is often unusable through flooding in the winter months. We want to ensure that this is an amenity that the community can enjoy all year round. These works would take place at the same time that the water park is being developed and show Round Table Entertainments' long-term commitment to Newhaven'.

Round Table Entertainments had already signed a contract with Lewes District Council preventing any other use for the
recreation ground for the next 4 years and to ensure free public use of the recreation ground.

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