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January 20 2013.

Jo Pettitt's latest blog has hit home with comments landing on her Lewes Road Recreation Facebook page and also hitting the Haven News mailbox. Do you have a view of comment about the Rpund Table Entertainments proposed Waterpark?

Just a short addition to Jo Pettitt's latest Waterpark blog:

I am the county councillor for the site, (that is for Newhaven and Ouse Valley West, which means not only Piddinghoe, but all the villages along the C7, as well as Newhaven west of the river).

This is my view on Round Table's suggested access arrangements: Whatever the merits, or otherwise, of the Waterpark and other proposals, I am totally opposed to any link between the C7 and the site. Anyone living in those villages, or in most of Newhaven, especially the Lewes Road area, realises that would be intolerable. I believe that professional advice would agree with this too.

On a different tack, we've heard nothing yet from Round Table about what the Environment Agency might have to say about floodplain development - or similarly what the South Downs National Park Authority's view, (literally!), of a giant new neighbour might be!

Cllr. David Rogers OBE.



Nice one Jo!

And I bet this foot bridge that you mention won't be an opening one. So any boats that go through the swing bridge will find their way blocked just north of Denton Island. Not very navigation friendly? And what then of the 'marine based businesses' round the corner on Denton Island and Robinson Road? Do they lose their access to the river?

As you intimate, a lot of questions, but no answers from Roundtable. Or is there going to be a great big sword that is going to come up out of the water in the river, or maybe even out of the water in the Waterpark, just like the sword in 'King Arthur's Roundtable' stories.

And heaven help poor old Newhaven then!

Mr Grumpy