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January 11 2013.

Newhaven councillors have struck a blow for residents of South Heighton and Denton who feared their sleep would be disrupted due to an attempt by Veolia to expand its working hours around the Newhaven incinerator.

Following interventions by parish councillor Paul Julian and district councillor Chris Bowers, Lewes District Council's planning applications committee agreed to impose time restrictions on when lorries can use the proposed lorry park alongside the incinerator.

"This is a great relief for local residents" said Lib Dem Councillor Peter Gardiner, who represents South Heighton, and as one of the LDC planning committee members proposed the time restrictions. "We are sure Veolia can organise their work so they do not need to start at four in the morning as they wanted to."

The latest proposal from Veolia to move lorries from Shoreham to Newhaven was approved by the planning committee as being a sensible reorganisation for the company, but councillors insisted the same time restrictions should apply to the new activity as the main incinerator work.

Lib Dem district councillor representing South Heighton, Chris Bowers, said "Veolia say they will not be reversing lorries at four in the morning, but who will monitor that? And you can bet your bottom dollar that drivers needing to reverse to start their shift will do so if needs be. At that time of day you will hear reversing hooters for miles."

Lib Dem councillor Rod Main, who represents Denton, seconded the proposal to restrict working hours. He said the times proposed by Councillor Gardiner are very reasonable - 7 till 7 weekdays, 7.30 till 3pm on Saturdays and no movements on Sundays. "We made it very

clear in March 2012 that the main site should keep to the hours agreed," he said, "as this was one of the very few concessions Veolia made to local residents. This new site must observe the same restrictions."