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December 14 2012.

The Rotary Club of Seaford recently received a request for help from Seaford Primary School to enable 98 children from the School to sing as part of a choir of 8000 voices at the O2 arena on Tuesday the 15th of January 2013. This concert, arranged by Young Voices, is one of a series also taking place in Sheffield, Birmingham and Manchester, which raise funds for CLIC Sargent, FareShare, and the Young Voices Foundation.

Costs to get the Seaford Primary School students to the venue are £1170, so Rotary Club of Seaford President Paul Vaesen went along to a concert for Heartsease at the School on Friday the 7th of  December to present a cheque for £300. This donation, with additional help from Heartsease, meant that the target was met. 

Information about music at SPS:
Seaford Primary School has an after-school choir of 104, a Chamber Choir of 31, (audition only), and an orchestra of 46. Children have the opportunity to learn an instrument from year 1, (violin/cello), in year 3 all children learn recorder and in year 5 all learn guitar. There are weekly general music lessons in both key stages. Individual/small group lessons available for Violin, Cello, Keyboard, Flute, Drums, Electric guitar, Bass guitar. There is also an after-school guitar club.

The School goes out into the community to entertain residents in care and nursing homes and have ten bookings this December. Unfortunately, the bug going round school has cancelled some concerts - can't take the germs into nursing homes! 

Information about Heartsease:
Heartsease exists for those who are alone, usually through bereavement. Although based at SBC, anyone in the Seaford area may join. They have contact with over seventy people, and between forty and fifty attend each meeting. See