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December 6 2012.

Last Saturday there was a flurry of activity at opposite ends of the Crouch, as two groups of volunteers busied themselves with spades, forks and other horticultural paraphernalia. Co-ordinated by Keith Blackburn, chairman of the Seaford Tree Wardens, the Rotary Club of Seaford were busy planting in the North West corner of the football pitch area, while a Neighbours group were simultaneously planting in the Bramber Road entrance to the Crouch.
Advised by Ashley Stephenson LVO, ex Bailiff of the Royal Parks, the Rotary planting was to commemorate the club's 65th birthday, as it was "born" in 1947, and consisted of a flowering tall Prunus Shirofugen, (Flowering Cherry), tree and  Prunus avium, (Wild, or Sweet Cherry) saplings. Also installed was an automatic irrigation system. As an added bonus, it is hoped that students from the Eastbourne campus of Sussex Downs College will be growing wild flowers from seed and then planting them out around the Rotary trees.
The Neighbours group led by Michael Harmer were supported by Seaford Town Council and the Big Tree Plant, a Defra initiative. The trees were Rowans, (Mountain Ash), Whitebeam, Hawthorn, and Wild Cherry.

Three young ladies formed a Mercread Team helping the neighbours.

For more information about The Big Tree Plant go to

Pictured: Keith Blackburn directs, while President Paul Vaesen, Isla Sitwell, Mike Logan and Gerry Peachey dig deep.