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November 30 2012.

E-mail from Tony Bradbury:

With reference to your ongoing correspondence about the water-park proposal I suspect that I am one of the supposedly ill-informed Conservative hopefuls to whom Steve Saunders refers. As I have lived here for over 37 years I am not, however, prepared to be labelled as an outsider.
I had thought that it ewas generally recognised, on a cross-party basis, that Newhaven is badly in need of some active regeneration. It seems to me that this scheme gives every promise of providing this. Certainly we have not as yet seen detailed plans, and any definite decision can only be made after they are available. But what is clear is that the land in question is derelict, that the park will bring jobs into Newhven, both during construction and during operation, that it will provide a focus which is expected to encourage the development of local businesses and it is not being built using public money.

The only obvious down-side is that there may be some increase in road traffic during construction, which I would suggest is a small price to pay.

Tony Bradbury -  Prospective Conservative County Council Candidate.