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November 27 2012

E-mail from Cllr. Diane Hall:

I have sent an email to Cllr. David Rogers as follows:

Would you on my behalf, both as a Newhaven resident, and a Newhaven Town Councillor, ask a question of ESCC please?

This 47acre parkland was designated for landscaping and planting of trees using some of the £900,000 which Veolia gave ESCC, (for allowing them to build the incinerator). Obviously the landscaping and planting of trees would be a waste of time and money if a Water Park is to be built on that site, so it won't happen. Therefore could you ask them what they are willing to do for Newhaven with that £900,000 which they have had in their bank account for the last three years?

Newhaven has lost, or will lose, the open space of Lewes Road Rec which has been sold to Round Table Entertainment Ltd., and this is yet another open space which will go.
No-one negotiated Section 106 monies on behalf of Newhaven with regards to the incinerator....... So when is Newhaven going to see something tangible for the money that ESCC have in their bank account?

I would like to see an indoor sports facility for Newhaven - Perhaps ESCC would help fund that?

Cllr. Diane Hall