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November 6 2012.

Do you think there is a need for more affordable housing in the towns in Lewes District? Have you got any ideas of what you would do to ensure there is enough affordable housing available?

A Scrutiny Panel at Lewes District Council is reviewing the need for affordable housing in the towns in the district and wants to hear from you.

Lewes District Council Councillor Sarah Osborne (Chair of the Scrutiny Panel) said: "Lack of affordable housing is one of the biggest issues facing those in our district. We are working hard to do whatever we can to help overcome the problem. Hearing from local residents, councillors and local businesses is a vital part of that process." 

LDC is holding two drop in sessions so that residents can let the Council know their views. These take place on:

- Monday 19 November 2012, Malling Community Centre, Spences Lane, Lewes at 5.00pm

- Wednesday 28 November 2012, Hillcrest Centre, Hillcrest Road, Newhaven at 5.00pm
All the information will be considered as part of the review and will help the panel establish recommendations that reflect the needs of Lewes District.

What is 'affordable housing'?
For this review, the definition of affordable housing is housing provided by a council or housing association which is available below the market cost level.

This can include homes rented at rent levels at approximately 50% of the local market level (social rented), homes rented at affordable rent levels at approximately 80% of the market rent (affordable rent), homes that are sold as a part buy/ part rent (shared ownership) or homes that are sold as a part equity purchase (shared equity).

If you can't attend one of the meetings then you can e-mail your views to