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October 31 2012.

Rotary Club of Seaford President Paul Vaesen and his wife Daphne attended the annual Pumpkin Party at the Crouch on Sunday the 28th of October. This is organised between the Exchange Project, Seaford Family Focus Group and Friends of the Crouch and involves the children in designing and making lit pumpkins and also their own lanterns.

Normally the children can make their pumpkins during the afternoon of the party at Crouch Gardens, but, due to a rather poor weather forecast, this was abandoned and the children were asked to bring in their pumpkins from home, which would be entered into a competition.

As a result there were fewer pumpkins than usual, but the quality was still very good! As darkness fell, the lanterns were lit and paraded round an area at the Crouch, accompanied by music on a guitar, which was a lovely sight and sound. Pumpkin soup and other food was served while the pumpkins were judged, and then prizes were presented for the best pumpkins.

This year, for the first time, two cups were presented, by Aideen Jones and Lindsay Thomas. President Paul had the pleasure of presenting prizes to eight winners of the pumpkin competition that the Rotary Club had donated.