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October 22 2012.

On Sunday the 21st. of October, and in less than ideal weather it has to be said, 12 Friends of Tide Mills collected around 22 sacks of assorted rubbish and a mountain of heavier, bulkier items from Tide Mills.

We believe we have now cleared most of the summer visitor discarded litter, (at last), and are now clearing up after the Autumn gales. Hopefully we will get through this once the calmer conditions of winter arrive.

As always we want to thank all visitors for their help in trying to keep Tide Mills as it is by taking home, not just their litter, but additional items as well. We sincerely thank you all.

Unfortunately the amount of dog mess around the site is once again an issue. This after a fairly good summer. Could we again politely ask all dog owners to do their bit and clear up after their dogs. This is a much-loved area visited by so many people, especially families with young children. It is well known now what a serious hazard dog mess is to toddlers, so please, please think of this when you see your dog dropping it's mess in such an open and popular spot.

Our next meeting is Sunday the 18th of November - always the third Sunday of the month. We meet for around two hours from 10.00am. We would be delighted to welcome all to our happy little band. Please e-mail me at for more information, or at