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October 1 2012.

An exciting and eclectic mix of artwork and photography will be on display in Seaford from 6-11 October in the Crypt's second shared exhibition this year. The show boasts its own artist in residence, Lindy Dunbar. Lindy, a renowned local artist and tutor, creates figurative and landscape works with a feeling of movement in a flowing organic style. She will be exhibiting her work, holding free drop in workshops and a 'Studio Sale'.

Besides Lindy, the show features three other well-known local artists: William Bovington (or Lorus Maver), Richard Walsh and Sheena Bourn. Describing himself as an "Arty 40 something Big Kid who will never grow up", William mixes photography and painting as a form of expression. Richard's love of traditional imagery embraces modern day technology - resulting in his beautiful, unusual, sometimes quirky and always uniquely printed photographic images. Sheena is presenting a series of strong, colourful compositions inspired by the effect of the light shining between the pier supports on Eastbourne's beach.
Three newcomers to the Crypt will also be showing their work: Wallace Street, Kate Thornburrow and Sarah Gregson (or Demoratti). Wallace paints watercolour scenes inspired by his love of the Sussex countryside, Kate is enjoying producing her own artwork after teaching art for 34 years, and Sarah's work is an unexpected by-product of two years full-time caring for her elderly mother.

Shared exhibitions are a new initiative by the Crypt Management Committee, offering individual artists the opportunity to group together and show their work. Artists wishing to participate in a shared exhibition should contact 01323 894870 for more details.