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September 15 2012.

Volunteers from Newhaven's RNLI lifeboat station were launched on Friday 14th September at 16:30 to a car which had entered the River Cuckmere some hours earlier, with the occupant safely escaping without injury.

Newhaven's Severn Class lifeboat 'RNLB David and Elizabeth Acland' arrived south of Cuckmere Haven and launched its (inflatable) daughter Y boat. The Y boat with three crew aboard made its way through the heavy surf and safely onto the shingle beach at Cuckmere Haven.

Due to the low tide the crew pulled the Y boat through the shallow water for several hundred metres until in the main Cuckmere estuary. Once in deeper water the crew made its way to Exceat bridge where the vehicle was spotted with just the roof above the water.

Recovery crews, police and coastguards teams were already at the scene. The Y boat picked up one of the recovery team with tools and after some considerable efforts by the crew the tow harness was secured to the vehicle.

The submerged vehicle was then dragged to the side of the bank by a recovery vehicle where lifeboat crew helped fit additional lifting straps and the vehicle was craned out onto the back of a low loader.

The Y boat was then stood down & made its way back down the estuary and through the surf to the main lifeboat. The Y boat was then recovered and the lifeboat returned to station at approximately 20:00.