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September 14 2012.

Volunteers from Newhaven's RNLI lifeboat station were launched at 16:57hrs yesterday to a small pleasure boat in difficulties in the shallow waters near to Seven Sisters National Park after suffering engine failure

Newhaven's Severn Class lifeboat 'RNLB David and Elizabeth Acland' left the harbour to the vessel's reported position close to shore at the popular tourist destination.

The three persons on board had, on arrival of the lifeboat, freed themselves from the rocks and were using paddles in the increasing surf to get into deeper waters. A towline was quickly passed as the persons on board were becoming fatigued by their efforts. They were transferred to the lifeboat and an RNLI crew member boarded the casualty vessel. The persons on board were assessed and confirmed that no injuries or illnesses were present and  a steady course to the harbour was made. Having towed the craft into the safety of Newhaven Marina the powerless vessel was moored and the lifeboat made ready for service.

A spokesperson for Newhaven RNLI, James Day, said: "Unfortunately this is another incident where a VHF radio has not been available on the vessel in distress. Mobile phones are not a reliable form of communication at sea and should not be solely relied upon."