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September 12 2012.

I do not see the point of any discusions. This is now more like a Communist state where the local people do not matter. We used to be consulted, just to keep us happy, but we are not even considered competant to be consulted now.

They will hoist this on us no matter what we say or do. The Olympics are over, so we will not get a Sports Park to benifit our children. No - a Casino is far more profitable.

We keep hearing that the Incinerator was nothing to do with our Council and no doubt when the deals have been completed on this, they will all deny it was anything to do with them.

I attended the meeting regarding the Wind Farm and was promised an answer to my question regarding noise from the windmills. I beleive we were all going to have answers to our questions by June. Still waiting...

I would say to the people of Newhaven, 'Vote for another party,' but all political parties are the same.

P Isted


Myself and Cllr Julie Carr have asked to be the two members of the opposition that sit on the cross-party working group, being set up to look at the development. We have not had our positions confirmed as yet, but have not been made aware of any opposition to this from within our group, or by James Page and his Conservative administration.

We have still not been made aware of any announcement by KEH of any land acquisitions that they have made since the recreation ground sale. With no further news, it may be a little premature to organise another public meeting, although one may argue that being pro-active at this stage will be advantageous and we are arranging a meeting with Jo Pettit to progress this idea. In the meantime, we will keep Jo and the media informed of any further developments, or announcements as soon as we receive them.

On a different note, looking at the responses from Cllr. Page, his response to Q16 in particular, does not appear to answer the question of why the Town Council weren't offered the land in order to get the best price for the asset and Julie's subsequent questioning of procedures and to the lack of consultation with the Ward Councillors over a decision of such magnitude at an early stage, as set out in the Council's Constitution, has still not been answered to my knowledge.

The deal having to go through by the date in June was also not properly addressed in his responses either, with the actual sale not having occurred until July. The lack of action since the exchange of contracts also begs several questions as to the urgency of the whole matter and the seriousness of the developers' intentions. At present, it looks very much like the Council has been duped by them, (KEH), and at a very great risk of being left with egg on their faces over the whole affair. The question therefore would remain, as to the underlying reasons for the purchase in the first place, and in the longer term, the security of the caveats introduced to the sale by the Council's Legal Department, should the major development promised, not proceed.

I remain open-minded over the whole affair, in order to properly and fairly consult on any proposals that come forward, but hope that things begin to move forward soon, albeit in an open and transparent way.

Cllr Steve Saunders