August 21 2012.

Arrowcroft has re-submitted its plans for the regeneration of Railway Quay, Newhaven to Lewes District Council for planning permission, with the support of its partners Royal Bank of Scotland and Newhaven Port & Properties Ltd (NPP)and Network Rail.

At its meeting on 23rd May 2012, Lewes District Council refused permission for the Railway Quay regeneration on highways grounds. However, Daniel Carter, a director of Arrowcroft, says that this was an error because Arrowcroft had not applied for permission for any highway junction design. The application was for outline permission, with highways design reserved for later consideration. The Committee therefore refused permission on grounds that it was not asked to consider.

Daniel Carter also believes the Development Control Committee did not follow the council's own adopted policies or national planning policy, which both give preference to schemes that are closer to existing town centres over those that are further away. The only way to resolve these concerns is to re-submit the application.

Tesco, who supported Arrowcroft's application, is now reviewing its interest in the project. However, Arrowcroft says that it has interest from another national food store operator. Daniel Carter said: "One of the major operators with whom we are in discussions will take the store as it is such a great development. The issue is not whose name is above the door but to secure regeneration of Railway Quay and Newhaven town centre."

Francois Jean, the Port Manager, said: "Newhaven Port and Properties Limited fully supports the proposals as they are set out in the planning application. They meet the future needs of the port and its strategy to help to achieve investment into Newhaven, and will act as a catalyst for further regeneration of the port and town. Without regeneration of Railway Quay, the poor environment in Newhaven damages prospects for future investment in the Newhaven/Dieppe ferry and reduces the attractiveness of Newhaven as a location for businesses. We encourage the Lewes District councillors to support the regeneration of Railway Quay, which has the strong support of Newhaven Residents."

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